TV encourages spitting, smoking and drinking

Nearly all the characters in TV dramas seem to smoke, to use lighting up as a way of relieving their inner tension.  Similarly they’re portrayed almost as alcoholics always drinking yet another glass of wine or spirits.  I know these are convenient ways of making the characters busy, in case otherwise they would be too static but they glamorise smoking and drinking and also are not representative of normal behaviour.  The proportion of smokers has dropped dramatically and people don’t pour themselves glasses of spirits on a regular basis.

Another practice that appears on television regularly is sportsmen spitting.  50 or so years ago there was a public health campaign to try to stop people spitting in public as it’s an unpleasant and unhygienic practice. This was very successful and it is distressing that this disgusting practice is being glamorised by sportsmen.  Footballers, rugby players, cricketers are all as bad as each other.  Spitting is not necessary.  Mucous should be swallowed not spat out.

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