Selfcatering Hols 1999-

In 1999, whilst we still had 3 holiday properties, Doug kindly constructed a website for us. Then we decided to expand this and put other peoples’ properties on it and so was born. We had great expectations for this as we were quite early into the market. When Doug moved to Spain he bought a flat in Barcelona and that went on the site and soon we had lots of properties. James was employed to design a more sophisticated website, Sue did the sales, I did the accounts and Doug did technical and sales. We employed a PR firm and later a web-developer but we never quite reached the critical point and once we had spent the profit we made on Roche Terrace we decided not to invest any more money. The Company still¬† soldiered on until 2012 having cut it’s overheads to a minimum but failing to make much money. Then after months of negotiation two new investors joined the Company and after some research of the market decided to push it in a different direction. We had considered going some way down this route but by then I had retired abd there wasn’t enough energy to do anything other than continue at a low key and look for partners. ¬† We all three really enjoyed working together and it meant we were in daily telephone contact and had three monthly meetings even though we were in England and Doug was in Spain.