1998 Hong Kong

Sunday – met at 8.30 by Pieter & Ginny at the brand new airport. Caught
buses into town. Had coffee from Pieter’s flask in a square full of
fountains & Philipino maids. Caught the ferry to Lamma Island. Struggled
up the hill with a very heavy case in great heat and collapsed for lunch
and a sleep in their air conditioned flat. Went for a swim at a beach
about a 20 minute walk away, dodging the litter. Back through the village
of Tai Peng to supper and an early night after a lot of catching up.
Monday – jet lag day. Had breakfast at 2pm. Went for swim and read our
book – now onto God – lazy day.
Tuesday – our first day in HK alone. Caught a bus and Peak tram to the
peak, looked at the views and shops. Caught the bus back down had a
fast-food Chinese lunch and walked to town. Went on the longest moving
pavement and bought some bowls for our stir-fries at home. Caught ferry
back and went for swim on Lamma.
Wednesday – bird & jade market & temple with Ginny. Lunch at Delifrancs.
Looked at shoes for Sue and M&S. Swim again.
Thursday – went to Lantau to Po Lin temple and the beach.
Friday – Stanley market with Ginny, bought loads of Xmas presents, met
Pete for a beer, a trip up in a glass lift and an expensive and
disappointing Chinese meal.
Saturday – a walk to Lo So Shing beach on Lamma in the searing heat. A
picnic on the beach, several swims and a walk back. Then a meal at a
seafront restaurant with 2 American friends, a banker & his wife with lots
of money, no family & nowhere to call home.
Sunday – to Shek O beach, via ferry, (through the millions of Philippino
maids), tram right through HK, then bus over the hill. Water a little
cooler, beach pretty but crowded, 34C. Another picnic. Back by quicker
bus, supper, bed.
Monday – to Macau by jetfoil. Catch bus to Leal Senado after dodging the
tour touts. Straight to market stalls to purchase Xmas presents at
amazing prices – shorts at $5 (40p). Find veggy restaurant for lunch.
More shopping & sight seeing with St Paul’s facade, gardens. Lots of
walking in incredible heat. Find Mondial hotel @ 6pm to my relief – air
conditioned, en suite for $322 (£25) for the room. I felt homesick.
Shower, then out looking for dinner. Fancy pizza but end up in place with
Chinese only menu (although they produce English one) we choose badly but
eat well.
Tuesday – Leave hotel after ablutions and guava juice. Catch cable car to
flower gardens. Breakfast near the top of the city, walk down past fort,
slightly lose our way and have a hot walk to the centre. Buy yet more
presents with me complaining about the heat. Lunch in the same place as
yesterday, more shopping, a hot walk to find the bus stop, then to A-Ma
temple and the maritime museum. A man cutting a tree down was as
interesting as the temple and the museum was closed. Hunt for supermarket
and wine, brandy and Chinesey snacks successful but for cakeshop with
custards not so. Hot & exhausted we catch the turbocat back and meet
Ginny at the ferry terminal. A stir fry tea then I write some of this up
while Sue & Ginny watch ER with Pete & me complaining.
Wednesday – Caught a ferry to Central then another to Cheung Chau. There
were loads of junks & fishing vessels and a crowded, but low-rise, harbour
front. We explored the modern fish & veg market, then looked for a temple
in great heat. The guide sent us in the wrong direction. Had a picnic
lunch on the beach and stayed there all afternoon. Bought two lovely fish
and some veg and custards for tea then two hours travelling home.
Thursday – to Botanical gardens
Friday – cleaned flat, tea Penisular Hotel, evening at Temple St Market
Saturday – last day, nothing really worked out – saw Chinese children’s
dancing show after 3 hrs of travelling.

Hong Kong island skyline

Ginny, Piet and Sue on the Star ferry

The walk up to the flat on Lama Island

Back down from the flat

Visit to the big Budda

The long climb

The monastry

Visit to Macau

Out with Piet and Ginny

Market, posh tea and slides