1944 born Bushey, Herts evacuated to Edinburgh with Mum-Mum

1946 moved to Liverpool

1954 moved to Sunnymeads

1955 went to Windsor Grammar School

1959 moved to Royal Grammar School, High Wycombe

1963 left school, job at Eton boathouses, parents sell Bryony and move to Jamaica, start at Bristol university

1964 spend summer in USA and Jamaica

1965 get engaged to Penny

1966 Leave Bristol University, get married, start Masters at Southampton

1967 Finish Masters, employed as Research assistant

1968 Emigrate to Cape Town.  Start job at Sea Fisheries.  Buy first house.

1969 Paper in Nature

1974 Return toUK

1975 Start up Twinram, rent flat in Red Bull, Julie as girlfriend, have the boys for the autumn term

1976 Start relationship with Pauline.  Holiday in Greece.

1977 Marry Pauline and take on boys full-time.  Start occasional work in Bizar. Buy house in Bromley Hough.

1978 Buy Mike out of Twinram, move business to Longport Wharf.

1979 Buy Wayside and move to Betley

1984 Adopt Nicola.  Sell lease on Longport Wharf to Mike.

1986 Adopt Alisa

1996 Liquidate Bizar, leave Pauline, start relationship with Sue, move to Middleport for 6 months, then buy half share of Pine Trees

1997 Buy Cornmill, Flat in Porthmadog

1999 Buy derelict house, Roche Terrace in Porthmadog and do it up

2002 Buy house in Criccieth and sell Roche Terrace.  Start up internet business – self catering hols.

2003 Married Sue

2005 Split Marine into two apartments

2007 Moved to Criccieth

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