1997 France

We persuaded the children to go to France camping with us (using my free investor’s Eurotunnel passage) by offering to take them to Eurodisney.  Our treat was a day in Paris.

Jo and Nicola at our first camp

Alisa and Carla buying postcards in Paris

Carla and Jo enjoy a treat

The 5 girls in Paris

Nicola smiling for once

Our campsite by the river – Nic & Carla, Jo & Alisa, Sue and me

Shortly before it started to sink

When we arrived back in England we called on Les and Alex in Reading

A noisy party

and my mother in Oxford.

Mum, the girls and Uncle Rob

This was the first of an annual jaunt to France with the girls who fortunately look back on them with affection. For us they were quite hard going but well worth the effort.