Offa’s Dyke

3rd November Tuesday

Set off from Bristol for the start of our Offa’s Dyke walk.  Vicky drops us off at Tintern Abbey.  We manage to lose the path a few times but end up at Monmouth just after dark.  Hobble about but end up in a fair hotel.  We eat an enormous meal in a place just around the corner.

4th Wednesday

Set off through the ‘low lands’, me with a hangover and make poor progress.  We find a nice pub for lunch and look over the church.  We make better progress in the afternoon but run out of light.  Our morale dips and we find the last miles down the road very tiresome.  We are given a warm welcome by a Yugoslav couple in Pandy but so tired cannot drink and fall asleep eating dinner so we go to bed early with the Black Mountain crossing next morning.

5th November

Up early to a sunny frosty day which lasts all day.  The early part of the walk was spectacular.  En route we meet a solicitor staying at the Llanthony Abbey Hotel, which he recommends, and several army training groups.  We manage a good pace and enjoy spectacular views over Herefordshire nearing Hay on Wye.  The hotel is dead and we search for signs of life elsewhere without success.  Sleep well.

6th November

Only half a days walking.  Meet Vicky at lunchtime having travelled 55 miles in 3 days.  We stop off in Hay so Chris can peruse the books.  He comes away with 2 Antarctic ones.  I look after their lads.  We drive back to Bristol where I pick up the Porsche and drive home.