Early days

I was born in Bushey, near London, in April 1944.  At the time my father was in the Royal Medical Corps in India and my mother was working as an anaesthetist in London.  It was not hought safe for me to be there so I was evacuated to Edinburgh with Mum-Mum – my mother’s mother.

My father had worked as a doctor in the same hospital as my mother but because he was almost 5 years younger was junior to her.  Romance was not allowed between members of the medical staff so a year and a week before I was born my parents got married in secret.  My father was posted shortly afterwards but he didn’t know where or for how long.  It was on an ammunition ship, round the Cape to India for several years.  My mother did come on the train to visit me when she could.  The carriages were full of soldiers.


Me with Granny, Mum-Mum and Oma
Baby Bill
Me with Mum and Oompa

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